Teff Holdings B.V

Year of establishment: 2020
Teff Holdings B.V has been exporting its product to the international market with the insurance of best quality. We specialize in cheese products as cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, and beverages. We have been exporting fish and cheese products all over the world along with our beverages. Alcoholic or soft drinks, you name them.

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Our priority is our customer’s trust and best quality production in every field, whether it’s cheese products or fish products, beverages or dry fruits, animal feed, or computer scrap. We make sure to provide you with all of this at a competitive rate as compared to the retail market and so far we’ve been thriving successfully across the international market. Join hands and satisfy your cheez cravings, fish taste, and “drinking hangovers”, and needs of all our other products

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  • Company address: Van der Palmkade 166, 1051 RJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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