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Sunflower is the most widespread oilseed crop, grown in Ukraine. The acreage under sunflower is about 5 million hectares in Ukraine. For most farmers, the sunflower is the most profitable crop, including due to the efficient processing industry.

We can propose a wide range of PET bottles, cans and flexitanks.

Types of our –Sunflower available for sale:

Crude sunflower oil

Refined sunflower oil

Organic virgin sunflower oil

High Oleic Sunflower Oil


Now we can also propose a new position for High Oleic Sunflower Oil. It is now commonly used in food manufacturing, especially in the natural food sector. It is non-GMO and is considered one of the healthiest oils on the market today. It has a light, neutral flavor, light texture, very similar to Safflower Oil. It also has a higher heat tolerance, making it ideal for cooking.


High oleic crude sunflower oil

Due to the established culture and traditions, sunflower oil is today the main vegetable oil in Ukraine, while the demand for other vegetable oils remains low. Most of our bottled sunflower oil is sold to Private Label, focused on various segments of consumers.


Soybean oil is the natural inexpensive oil extracted from whole soybeans. It is the most widely used oil in the World, and is sold as either pure soybean oil or as a main ingredient in vegetable oil. Processed into margarine and shortenings, soybean oil’s 85 percent unsaturated fat profile is among the highest of the vegetable oils. Soybean oil contains 61% polyunsaturated fat and 24% monounsaturated fat. Saturated fats in the diet can raise blood cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease. So healthcare professionals recommend replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats as much as possible.

We offer both Crude and Refined Soybeans oil in bulk. Our Refined oil products are certified 100% pure for human consumption and we are open to supplying our products worldwide.

*All products comply with state standards and satisfy all the requirements of European standard 4492:2005; meets all ISO 22000 requirements.

Non-GMO, 100% free from any coloring materials, flavors, and anti-foaming agents.


Color : Pale Yellow

Flavor : Bland

Apearance :Clear

B.R. at 40°c corresponding to RI at 40°c 58.0 to 61.0, 1.4646 – 1.4694

Saponification Value : 190 to 195

Iodine Value : 103 to 120

Bellier’s Test (Terbility Temp. Acitic Acid Method) : 22°c (Max)

Unsaponifiable Matter : (Max 1.6%

Acid Value : 6% (Max)

Spec. Grafity : 0.910 – 0.925

Refraction Value :1.472

Peroxid Value : 1.5MEQ/Kg.

Smokepoint : 190-250C

Impurities Negative

Cotton Negative

Adulteration Negative


Bulk extra virgin olive oil is known for it’s high levels of oleic acid. Olive oil is very common oil that is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree. There are literally countless uses for olive oil ranging from use in cooking to uses in personal care products and soaps. Extra virgin olive oil is derived from the first pressing and the oil is left in its natural unrefined state. Because of the lack of refinement, EVO is known for the oils greenish yellow color with a characteristic strong olive aroma.

Function of Olive Oil

♦ Olive oil can improve and enhance the effectiveness of the function of the endocrine system

♦ Olive oil can Promote blood circulation , Prevent complications of arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease .

♦ Olive oil can Improve digestive function

♦ Olive oil can Moisturize and whiten the skin, It is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, F, K, unsaturated fatty acid content of up to 88%, can be easily absorbed by the skin, play a moisturizing, anti-oxidation, anti-allergy, anti-UV, antibacterial and other effects .

Regenerates skin cells and helps retain moisture.

– Keeps your body comfortable

– Take time to properly nourish and pamper yourself every day.

– Transfer bath time into a luxurious experience.
– We provide a wide range of essential oil


Rapeseed oil/ Canola oil
Organic Canola Oil is used in food manufacturing where a certified organic, light tasting oil is required. It is ideal for those in the natural and health food sector, because it is GMO Free. It has a light, neutral flavor, light texture and high heat tolerance which makes it ideal for sauteing, baking and frying. It is a heart-healthy oil, high in omega-3 fatty acids and low in saturated, with no trans fats and cholesterol.

1L PET bottle
15 pc/carton
50 cartons/europallet
1000 cartons/20ft cont no pallets
5L PET bottle
4 pc /carton
32 cartons/europallet
750 cartons/20ft cont no pallets
How it’s made: Canola Oil is made from the seeds of the Canola plant, commonly grown in Canada and the Western US. These Canola seeds are grown using organic practices and are also GMO free. The seeds are crushed and pressed to extract the oil, which is then refined. This oil is obtained using only physical means, and no solvents are used to aid in the process.

Rapeseed, also known as rape, oilseed rape, and, in the case of one particular group of cultivars, canola, is a bright-yellow flowering member of the family Brassicaceae, cultivated mainly for its oil-rich seed. It is the third-largest source of vegetable oil in the world


Rice Bran oil
Rice Bran Oil is the oil extracted from the outer layer of the grain (bran), which is the most nutritious part of the rice, and has scientifically proven to be one of the best oil for health
Pure Rice Bran Oil is produced under the international technology which preserves the precious nutritional compositions and helps maintain a healthy heart. Simply Pure Rice Bran Oil has consumed popularly in many countries: Australia, New Zealand.
Rich source of anti-oxidants: Vitamin E, Phytosterols, especially Gamma Oryzanol, improves anti-aging and maintains a healthy heart.
High smoke point (up to 240oC), reduces risk of fat-burning & helps the food to be more delicious.
Usage: Suitable for deep-frying, stir-frying, salad-dressing, sauce-making & vegetarian food.


Mustard oil is a kind of seasoning, with a strong irritation smell, can stimulate people’s taste buds, increase appetite, in addition to a certain beauty and beauty effect. There are many effects and effects of mustard oil. Mustard oil has a detoxification effect. It can be dipped in some mustard oil to reduce diarrhoea when eating fish slices or beef slices to reduce diarrhea, allowing people to enjoy good health and keep health at the same time.


Hazelnut Oil is a light oil rich in essential fatty acids. The oil is a clear light yellow liquid with a bland characteristic odor and taste. Hazelnut oil is pressed from hazelnuts, those delicious brownish goodies that make our pralines nutty and aromatic. Its oil is a rich and flavorful with a nutty aroma, which makes it ideal for gourmet dishes.

Benefits :

Hazelnuts for skin is that these are loaded with antioxidants and Beta-sitosterol which arrest the process of cancerous skin cell development.
Hazelnuts are abundant in healthy flavonoids like catechins and tannins making these nuts extremely effective astringents.
The nuts act as an excellent conditioner for the skin helping to hold on to its smooth and soft texture.
These vitamins work individually and in unison to maintain the youthfulness of the skin preventing the formation of wrinkles and folds.
Hazelnuts are replete with antioxidants that play a key role in keeping the skin in the pink of health as well as letting it glow.


The cottonseed oil contains a lot of essential fatty acids, Linoleic acid content of up to 44.9 ~ 55.0%, Can inhibit the rise of the human body of cholesterol in the blood, conducive to maintaining human health.
In addition, also contain oleic acid in cottonseed oil 18.0 ~ 30.7%, linoleic acid 46% ~ 62%, and the human body the absorption rate reaches over 98% of cottonseed oil can be widely used for cooking food.
The company of cottonseed oil production using imported AlfaLava centrifuge, full automatic production line, combined with advanced degumming, deacidification, water washing process with high vacuum desolventizing technology, Effectively removed gossypol in cottonseed oil and other harmful substances, taste is pure, is good for health.

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